Meet the team

Maponos is co-founded by three faculty members of the University of Chicago to develop innovative, curative cell-based therapies.

Xiaoyang Wu

Co-Founder | Ph.D

Xiaoyang Wu received his Ph.D from Cornell University. He was trained as a stem cell biologist at the laboratory of Dr. Elaine Fuchs, a leader in the field of adult stem cells, member of National Academy of Science, HHMI investigator, and recipient of National Medal of Science (2009). Dr. Wu is current an associate professor at the University of Chicago, and co-founder of GeCell Therapeutics. Dr. Wu is a pioneer in skin epithelial stem cell engineering and regenerative medicine. He is an inventor/co-inventor of multiple patents and co-authored about 50 peer-reviewed papers, including many prestigious journals, such as Cell, Cell Stem Cell, Nature Biomedical Engineering.

Yingming Zhao

Co-Founder | Ph.D

Dr. Zhao received his Ph.D. at the Rockefeller University and pursued his independent career soon after his Ph.D.. He made seminal contributions to the fields of protein post-translational modifications and epigenetics by discovering 10 types of new lysine acylation pathways and identifying about 700 new epigenetic histone marks. He uses an integrated approach, involving proteomics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and cell biology to decode pathways by identifying their protein substrates, specific binder proteins and regulatory. These PTM pathways play an important role in epigenetic regulation and cellular metabolism, and contribute to diverse physiological and pathological changes. Dr. Zhao co-authored ~190 peer-reviewed papers (with a citation of 30,000 and H-idex of 89) and is a co-inventor for numerous patents.

Lev Becker

Co-Founder | Ph.D

Dr. Becker received his PhD from Queen’s University (Canada) and completed his postdoctoral training at University of Washington (USA). He is an expert in macrophage biology. His laboratory combines proteomic, bioinformatic, immunologic, and functional approaches to study macrophages in an unbiased manner across a spectrum of diseases and develops therapeutics to target them. He is an inventor/co-inventor of multiple patents and co-authored ~40 peer-reviewed papers in numerous high impact journals including Nature, Nature Chemical Biology, Immunity, and Cell Metabolism.

Want to join the team?

We are always looking for ambitious, enthusiastic and entrepreuneurial people to join our team. If this sounds like you, drop us a line with what you can bring to our company that sets you apart from anyone else.