We are currently hiring cell biologists and immunologists.

Title: Multiple positions
Location: Chicago, IL
Report To: CEO
How to Apply: Please email your resume to: MaponosHR@gmail.com

Job Description

  • Define, design and perform cell biology experiments, including isolation of cells from animals or patient samples, cell culture and cell manipulation.
  • Carrying out diverse molecular, cell, and immunological as well as cell cultured-based assays.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
    Effectively resolve scientific and technical challenges

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Ph.D or equivalent in cell biology and immunology;
  • Demonstrated track record of leading high-quality research projects in the areas of immunology and cell biology (e.g., authorship in peer-reviewed publications, or equivalent experience in industry);
  • Enriched laboratory experience is required; extensive experience in cell biology and animal works.
  • Innovative, self-motivated, excellent organizational skills and able to work independently;
  • Prior experience in macrophage, T cell, or B cell are required. Expertise in T cell, other immunocyte engineering, IHC and animal surgery are highly desirable.